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We provide mechanical, electrical, software, and industrial design.  We combine creative thinking with sound engineering principles to generate the best possible products.


We employ a host of technologies, from traditional machining, to high tech laser welding and rapid prototyping to quickly test and iterate designs.

Medical Device Instrumentation

Medical devices are our specialty!  We have worked with physicians and industry partners to create life saving technologies.  Our expertise include catheters, laparoscopic instruments, radio frequency ablation, and Nitinol.

Inellectual Property

Intellectual property and product design go hand in hand.  We can help you navigate the patent minefields with thorough review and strategic planning.

Regulatory Compliance

We will ensure your medical device design complies with FDA and CE regulations.  Our approach is thorough, but not cumbersome.  

Project Management

We can manage all the different aspects of your project to keep it on schedule.  We believe that good management and effective communication ultimately result in the best product in the shortest time.

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