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Adam Gold
Founder and Principal

Adam Gold has over 17 years of experience developing products for the medical, consumer, and automotive industries.  He he has championed numerous products from initial concept through market release.


Adam graduated from Tufts University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and obtained an Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University where he concentrated in design. 


After graduation, Adam began his engineering career at Novare Surgical Systems, a California medical device startup founded by renowned physician/inventor Thomas Fogarty.  At Novare, Adam developed numerous products for vascular and cardiovascular surgery.  Among his chief accomplishments, he designed and led the product team for the Enclose™ Anastomosis Assist Device for Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (OPCAB) which generated over 50% of the company’s revenue.


After leaving Novare for greener pastures on the east coast, Adam worked as an engineer at Dobi Medical International in New Jersey.  At Dobi, Adam led the Mechanical Engineering department developing a non-invasive, optical-based, breast cancer diagnostic machine.  Under his leadership, prototype machines were designed, assembled, and used in clinical feasibility trials.


In 2005, Adam founded Gold Product Development, Inc.  As principal, he collaborated with numerous companies and physicians to develop novel products and unleash new technologies.  His projects have covered the clinical areas of cardiovascular surgery, vascular surgery, femoral artery closure, urological incontinence, diabetic needles, electrosurgery, spinal surgery, neuro surgery, and vascular intervention among others.  Through his exposure to various projects, Adam has acquired expertise in a wide variety of technologies including: catheter design, radio frequency ablation, machining, injection molding, CAD software, rapid prototyping, sheet metal fabrication, and Nitinol shape setting, to name a few. 


After consulting for Verve Medical, Inc. on a novel medical device for renal denervation, Adam joined Verve as the Director of R&D where he oversaw device development, manufacturing, quality, regulatory, and clinical affairs.  Working with physicians, he designed and refined a novel catheter-based product.  He led a team to build a quality system, test the device to meet all regulatory requirements, and set up multiple OUS clinical studies.  Adam was also heavily involved in corporate strategy, intellectual property, and funding at Verve.


Outside of medical devices, Adam co-founded Adaptiv Technologies, an innovative motorcycle products company, where he currently serves on the board.  His creativity and drive has led to the issue of 31 US patents, with others pending. 


When not forming companies or working on new technologies, Adam enjoys mountain biking and spending time outdoors with his wife and three boys.

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